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Scorpio Phoenix Rising/The most powerful sign of the zodiac

Scorpio: 23 October - 22 November

Ruler of the eighth house of the zodiac, Scorpio is the only sign represented by more than one animal.
This because Scorpio a.k.a the phoenix is the most complex and powerful sign in the zodiac.
It is a fixed water sign, associated with secret and forbidden desires. 
Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars--directing a passionate sense of purpose--
and Pluto--drawing out a possessive and jealous nature.

     Mythology Of the Scorpio

  1. The Greeks have many variations on the Scorpio myth, but all of them involve Orion's death. 

  1. The constellation Orion is brightest in the sky in the winter but when Scorpio appears in the summer, 

  1. Orion dims significantly (echoing the conflict between them).

  1. The Serpent

  2. Scorpio was originally represented by the serpent in Egyptian, Chaldean and Hebrew astrology. 
  3. The serpent is the symbol of immortality (wisdom) and renewal because of its ability to shed its own skin.

    1. The Scorpion

  4. Scorpio is most commonly associated with the scorpion, a withdrawn and intense creature which--
  5. according to myth--will actually sting itself to death if cornered with no hope of escape.

  6. The Eagle

  7. If the Scorpio can rise above his nature, he can soar into self-awareness like the eagle.
  8.  In myth the eagle sees and understands all things in the world of man.

  9. The Phoenix

  10. The ultimate symbol of immortality and rebirth--the bird consumed by fire only to rise from the ashes
  11. --represents the highest form that a Scorpio can hope to attain.

Scorpio's are Intense, powerful and passionate about things - that's the Scorpio approach to life. If Scorpio is your Sun sign, then Mars and Pluto, the planets which look after the sign will give you the concentration and strength to make anything that you want to happen, happen. It also makes you a fearsome enemy when control is taken away from you and you feel that somebody else is trying to manipulate your life for you.

 As a Scorpio, you could live your life without ever having to compromise your Scorpionic principles, then you could have total power over everybody, know everything there was to know about everybody and their motives, be completely hidden from everybody unless you willed otherwise and strike a mixture of fear and fascination into the hearts of those you choose to meet. The key to this passionate soul is the word power. Scorpios want it but they already have it. Not the sort of show-off power of status symbols that your friends the Capricorns like, nor the physical power that blazes the Aries. What a Scorpio  has and wants more of is the real stuff - the invisible, string-pulling, controlling sort of power that makes people move when you use it. Therefore the need for control and power are key factors in the Scorpio personality. To many signs, power has to do with the cause and effect of external events. To a Scorpio, it has to do with the experience of self and self-mastery. "I will therefore I am" is the core of the Scorpionic scheme of things. To be out of control or to be under someone else's control are deathlike experiences for the classic Scorpionic mind. Scorpio is the sign of death, sex and transformation. It wouldn't be wise to play around with a scorpio in any way, they always win.  Herein lies the divinity and the mystery of this sign, for each of these experiences has deep psychological value, the potential of which is great power; therefore the power and depth of a scorpio is beyond understanding. Scorpio's themselve's lack the true knowledge of their powers.

The scorpio is very secretive about true feelings and wherever possible try to keep them in check. Scorpio's show feelings which are appropriate to the situation, sure. Hard work and turning ambitions into realities are natural to a Scorpio once they decide. then that's it - they get on with it, control the situation and achieve it. This is attributed to Mars - energy in action. If things need changing to meet a scorpio's requirements, then they rebuild  from their deepest foundations without a second thought. That's Pluto at work - the ability to start again from scratch if need be.

 Sex has profound power in the Scorpio mind. This influence is vast and psychologically pervasive. Sexually tuned into all circumstances, this awareness leads to an emotionally intense experience of life. Therefore, Scorpio's bear the legacy as the sexual sign of the zodiac. The power of sex is the power of connectedness. Sex can connect all aspects of ourselves - our minds, hearts, souls and sexual organs. Scorpio makes its connections in all kinds of ways and with much intensity. This makes them very attractive to the opposite and same sex.

Scorpio homes tend to be rather dark and eccentrically decorated. Scorpios go for upscale decor', heavy furniture and luxurious fabrics. Scorpio's taste is deep and dramatic.

Scorpio cars are usually impressive. Scorpios are different from other Water signs in that they are more intense, more powerful, more concentrated in every way. Everything a Scorpio stands for is impressively, frighteningly, potent in its effects and of course this intense quality has to be found in the Scorpionic car. Dark, rich colors (red, black) and a car that evokes a powerful, emotional response from people. A car such as a classic, a sexy sports car or elite luxury vehicle.

Scorpio tastes in food are a combination of two factors: being a Water sign and being the astrological influence of the planet Mars. Being a Water sign means that they like food moist and rather soft too. All dishes with  a sauce or some other liquid dressing appeals to them. Smooth-textured food is the scorpion preference. Mars governs all hot or spicy flavorings and any foodstuff which is red in color. This means Scorpios like curry or hot, but the texture must be soft. Finally, Scorpios drink a lot, as all the Water signs must to keep their body fluids levels correct. Mars' influence gives you a liking for strong spirits, bittersweet wines, and brandy.

Keywords: . Here we have issues of rebirth (scorpios die and are reborn spiritually several times throughout their lives), complexities, hidden depths, the unconscious, sexuality, intimacy, shared resources and money, passion, power, loyalty/betrayal, extremes, all-or-nothing, self-discipline, transformation, transmutations and self-mastery. Scorpio is penetrating, intense, resourceful, powerful, compulsive, determined, jealous, secretive, probing, suspicious, fascinated by hidden/taboo

Phoenix Mythology

Although the Phoenix is well known in legend, there are few classical stories associated with it from mythology. The Phoenix is a large bird that is revered around the world as a symbol of immortality and re-incarnation.
In Greek legend, the Phoenix lived in Arabia near a cool well. Every morning as the Sun rose and dawn broke, it would immerse itself in the cool clear water of the well and sing such a delightful and sweet song that the Sun God would stop his chariot to listen to the beautiful sound.

Every 500 years, as death approached, it would construct a nest of sweet smelling wood that it then set upon fire, the flames consuming the bird. From the ashes, a new Phoenix arose which would wrap up the ashes in a parcel of myrrh. Flying to Heliopolis, the "City of the Sun
," also called On, in Egypt, it would deposit the ashes on the altar of the Ra, the Sun God.

In the Egyptian myth, it is known as Bennu, representing the rise of life and also the sun, announcing a new period of prosperity and fertility. It is also portrayed as a heron on the sarcophagi of the dead.
In Chapter XVII of the Book of the Dead, the opening passage reads:
"I am Tem in rising. I am the only One. I came into being in Nu. I am Ra who rose in the beginning... The pillars of Shu were not as yet created. It is Ra, the creator of the names of his limbs, which came into being in the form of the gods, who are in the train of Ra" ... "I am the Bennu which is in Anu, and I am the keeper of the volume of the book of things which are and of things which shall be."
The Phoenix symbolizes cycles of rest and activity, sometimes called "Days and Nights of Brahma." The cycles of activity are called "Millions of Years," "Great Green Lake," and simply, the "Lake." They represent the cycles in which are swallowed up all things produced by "The Begetter of millions of years."
In Chapter XLII he "who dwelleth in his eye" is beaming in "the solar egg, the egg to which is given life among the gods." In Chapter XV he is "Yesterday," "Today," and "Tomorrow" and the one "who reposeth upon law which changeth not nor can it be altered."
In Chapter LXXV he is the self-created god: "I gave birth unto myself together with Nu in my name of Khepera, in whom I come into being day by day. I am the creator of the darkness who maketh his habitation in the uttermost parts of the sky ... and I arrive at the confines thereof. I sail over the sky which formeth the division betwixt heaven and earth... None sees my nest, none can break my egg."

Buddhism portrays the Phoenix as Garuda, the "Bird of Life
," a golden bodied bird with an eagle's beak and wings and a human body. It is so large that it can cover the Sun and turn day into night. Garuda is seen as the mount of Vishnu.

An ancient Malayan myth records that the Garuda attacked a Roman ship carrying a Roman prince and a fellow called Merong Maha Wangsa. The prince was on his way to marry a Chinese princess. After the Garuda destroyed the ship, it flew to China, kidnapped the princess and held her on Langkawi Island (known now as Malaysia).

By a fortunate coincidence, the prince was washed ashore on Langkawi Island, discovered his betrothed and married her. Merong Maha Wangsa searched for the prince but instead discovered the state of Kedah and set himself up as ruler, a place where his descendants still rule.

The Chinese recorded this constellation as Ho Neaou the "Fire Bird" but the Phoenix bird equivalent was known as Feng-huang, one of the four spiritual creatures which represented the four points of the compass.

The four were Ch'i-lin, a creature with a deer's body, ox's tail, horse's hooves
, and a single horn, marking the west. Gui Xian, the tortoise, was a symbol of long life and marked the northern point. Long was a dragon, a bringer of good fortune and representing the power of the Emperor. He ruled the waters including the rain clouds and the compass point of east.

Feng-huang was a bird with glorious plumage and a beautiful song. He appeared when good fortune was due and marked the southern point.

In another sense, the Phoenix is the Cherub or Angel (in Israel), 
the clapping of whose wings simulates the roar of thunder. And this thunder is really the fearful rumble of the volcanic explosion that destroyed Paradise, as well as the roar of the onrushing waters of the sea, stirred by the cataclysm.
Some astrologers consider the Phoenix as a higher form of the eagle, one of the symbols of the constellation Scorpio, appropriate given the death and rebirth connotations of the zodiacal sign.
The name Phoenix has been given to a small constellation visible in the Southern Hemisphere. Its brightest star alpha was anciently known as Nair al Zaurak, the "Bright One in the Boat." 


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